West Dorset branch meetings have been cancelled until further notice on account of the Coronavirus.  Make sure you stay well!

Nov–Mar: 1.30–4.30pm

Apr–Oct: 2–5pm


Conductor: Joyce Rudall (from Somerset)
Conductor: Sue Brown
Corelli Preludio ATTB Grosvenor
Bach Fugue in C SATB Ayre Music
Charlton Bouquet of Fancies SATB OL
Brown Lullaby for the Child ATTB MS
Conductor: Jean Kluver
Conductor: Robin Powell
Bach Twelve Chorale Preludes SATB OL
Powell Snowfall SATB MS
Hilling Celebration Rag SATB OL


Conductor: Pat Crawford
Music will be chosen from:
Murray Eight Consort Pieces SATB Faber
Handel Non lo diro col labbro SATB P648
Purcell Rondo from Abdelazar SATB P648
Hawkes Silver Suite SSATB P369
Conductor: Sue Brown
Copland Down a Country Lane ATB MS
Puccini The Humming Chorus (Madame Butterfly) SATB MS
Frescobaldi Canzon Terza detta la Criuelli SATB Moore Music
Saux Quartet in G SATB  
Conductor: Robin Powell
Ravenscroft Fantasia no 4 SSATB
Holborne Suite for 5 Recorders SSATB
Clark Four Greek Dances SATB
Brown Didley Squat SopSATB
Conductor: Jean Kluver
Conductor: Sophie Middleditch
Conductor: Robin Powell
Scheidt Bergamasca SSATB
Byrd Lord Willobie’s Welcome Home  SATB
Clark The Horseman SAATB
Conductor: Julia McKinley

Julia will bring her own choice of music.

Conductor: Sue Brown
Bach Fuga alla breve e staccato, SATB
Brown Ebb & Flow (Time & Tide) SATB
Brown Puddles SAATB + Rainstick
Viadana Canzona SATB & SATB

Next meetings: 28th September / 26th October / 30th November / 14th December 2019

Last updated 19 March 2020