Nov–Mar: 1.30–4.30pm

Apr–Oct: 2–5pm


Conductor: Robin Powell (Raffle)

Clark Four Greek Dances SATB CC
Faure Pavane SAATTBGb Novello
Haydn Two Fugues SATB OL 152
Lewin West of the Severn SATTB Hawthorn

Conductor: Jean Kluver

Jean will direct her own choice of music

Conductor: Robin Powell

Schmelzer Sonata a 6, no 5 SSATTB OL 214
Byrd Fantasy Sextet SAATBB OL 112
Anon Elizabethan Dances SATB OL 122
Richards Summer Blue SATB The Recorder

Conductor: Bruce Upton (Raffle)

Music will be chosen from:
Frescobaldi Canzon Terza detta la Criuelli SATB Moore Music
Viadana Canzona SATB+SATB Schott
Byrd Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home SATB OL 107
Brown Postcards in Time ATB Ms
Gershwin Summertime SATB Choice Music

Conductor: Anne Martin from Edinburgh (Pastoral)

Anne will bring and conduct her own choice of music

Conductor: Sue Brown

Bach Contrapuncti 1 & 3 SATB OL 131
Murray Petite Suite, part one SATB Schott
Brown Summer Morn SATB Ms

Conductor: Joyce Rudall from Somerset

Joyce will bring her own choice of music
Last updated 22 March 2018