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See also the Other Courses page for courses that include recorders and other instruments, the Regular Classes page for classes that run over a period and the Playing Days page for SRP branch playing days, and the Training page for one-day workshops run by the SRP.

Throughout the year Recorder Courses Lyme holds recorder courses at all levels from beginners to Diploma for around 10 – 12 players with some of the best tutors. See their website for more information.

Manor Farm Music Frivolities runs free recorder sessions for adult beginners. See their website for details and dates.

Ann and Steve Marshall also run several recorder courses, advertised here and on their website described below.

August 2015 | September 2015 | October 2015 | January 2016 | February 2016 | April 2016

August 2015


28th – 30th August

Summer Recorder Festival

Dean Close School, Cheltenham

Organised by Recorders for All
Contact:Jan Epps janeppsattiscalidotcodotuk or telephone 01752 481193

September 2015


25th – 28th September



Benslow Music, Benslow Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 9RB

Tutors: Alison Lewin, Sandra Foxall, Jean McCreary, Caroline Radclieffe, Rae Strong
Standard Range: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced
Once again our experienced and enthusiastic team of recorder tutors welcomes you to Benslow’s Recorderfest. The elementary strand will be led by Rae. Players of grades 1-3 standard will benefit from Rae’s patient and sympathetic approach. For players of grades 4-6, Alyson and Sandra offer ensemble sessions with an option to explore one-to-a-part work. Their relaxed and friendly approach will be suitable for all. Ideally participants should offer at least two instruments. Jean and Caroline will work with the players of grades 7+ ability. These participants should be strong sight-readers with good rhythmic skills and the confidence to work solely on one-to-a-part repertoire. They should offer at least three different instruments and be able to swap between them with ease.
2 Night Option
Resident: £270 Non-resident: £195 Code: 15/281
25% discount for Under 27s: Resident: £202.50 Non-resident: £146.25
3 Night Option
Resident: £380 Non-resident: £290 Code: 15/343
25% discount for Under 27s: Resident: £285 Non-resident: £217.50
Further Information: 0044 (0)1462 459446 •

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September

May Hill Double-Header

Easier EIGHT-FOOT Saturday and Moderate MULTICHOIR Sunday


May Hill Village Hall, May Hill, Longhope, Gloucestershire, GL17 0NL

Tutors: Ann and Steve Marshall (Saturday) and Helen Hooker (Sunday)
In 2014 we had the idea of two separate playing days over a weekend, using the village hall at May Hill. We called it the May Hill Double-Header, and it was a big success, with both days selling out many weeks in advance. We therefore decided to repeat the formula in 2015!
On Saturday Ann and Steve will lead a day of music where the smallest instrument is the tenor (so-called eight-foot ensemble). This is a gorgeous sound, and Ann and Steve will bring it within the reach of U3A standard players by careful choice of music. Sorry – no descants or trebles on this day!
On Sunday Helen Hooker, one of our best-respected and best-liked recorder conductors, will conduct a multichoir day. For those who are not sure, multichoir is cunningly-written music where the group is split into two or more bands, who trade musical ideas across the room. This day is aimed primarily at SRP players, although anyone of moderate playing standard is very welcome to attend.

Attendance at each day costs £12 (or only £20 for both days).

Booking form

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Ann, at annatsteveandanndotfsworlddotcodotuk

October 2015


12th – 15th October

Recorders for All

Halsway Manor Somerset

Intermediate Players Consort Course
Conductor Pam Smith
Need to be able to play tenor or bass
Further details and application form please contact Jan Epps
janeppsattiscalidotcodotuk or telephone 01752 481193

23rd – 25th October

Biggleswade Recorder Orchestra Weekend

The Mansion House, Old Warden Park, Biggleswade SG18 9DX

Tutors: Helen Hooker, Ruth Burbidge, Ann Marshall and Steve Marshall

This new course runs from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, 23-25 October 2015. It is to be held at the impressive Mansion House, surrounded by Old Warden Park, a location that makes this course unusually convenient for those in the south and east of the country. The structure of the course is similar to previous recorder orchestra courses, in that each time slot will feature orchestras of both greater and lesser difficulty. The tutors are Helen Hooker, Ruth Burbidge, Ann Marshall and Steve Marshall, who all have a great interest in and much experience of recorder orchestras.

There are two residential packages, depending on the type of room, at either £220 or £240, and non-residential is possible too. We hope that the website will answer most of your questions but, if not and if you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact Ann Marshall (01452 831654, annatsteveandanndotfsworlddotcodotuk).
Brochure including booking form

January 2016


3rd – 8th January

Orpheus Recorder Boutique

Armidale, Australia

An intensive and intimate recorder course for intermediate and advanced recorder players.
This year there will be a special Youth Stream with an on-campus option for unaccompanied minors.
Enrolments open now
More information available on the web site.

February 2016


Friday 5 – Sunday 7 February

Orchestra Weekend

Halsway Manor Somerset

Recorders at Plymouth orchestra weekend with Helen Hooker and Steve Marshall.
Further information Jan Epps janeppsattiscalidotcodotuk telephone 01752 481193

April 2016


Thursday 31st March – Thurs 7th April

Easter Recorder Course

The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire

Recorders For All Easter Recorder Course

Tutors Brian Blood, Ruth Burbidge, Josef Manser, Ann Marshall, Steve Marshall, Andrew Melville, Janice Ormerod, James Risden, Rosemary Robinson, Pam Smith
Further information Jan Epps janeppsattiscalidotcodotuk telephone 01752 481193

Ann and Steve’s Recorder Courses

Steve writes:

Over the last few years Ann and I have organised quite a few recorder events, and it is an aspect of recorder playing that we enjoy very much. We have noticed that one of the most difficult parts of running events is simply to bring these events to the attention of the people who are probably interested in them – we very often hear “that sounds fantastic, what I pity I didn’t know about it”. To improve communication, we have therefore created a website called Ann and Steve’s Recorder Events (‘ASRE’ for short).

In addition, we have a distribution list of people who have gone to recorder events in the past, and who are happy to hear about future ASRE events. These people will receive a brief email every couple of months or so, to tell them either that there is a new event on the ASRE website, or to highlight an event that is (for example) nearly full. They can then look on the ASRE website for more details. If you would like to be on our distribution list, please email Ann at annatsteveandanndotfsworlddotcodotuk. You can quickly unsubscribe from the list at any time.

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