2nd September 2pm-5pm Debbie Nicholas
7th October 2pm-5pm Wendy Smith
4th November 2pm-5pm Debbie Nicholas
9th December 10am-4pm Christmas Playing Day  Frances Eustace
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6th January 2pm-5pm Dick Little
3rd February 2pm-5pm Sylvia Davies
3rd March 10am-4pm Andrew Collis – Playing Day and Pastoral Visitor
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7th April 2pm-5pm Joyce Rudall
5th May 2pm-5pm Members to Conduct
2nd June 1pm Alexander Technique Talk
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2nd June 2pm-5pm Debbie Nicholas
7th July 10am-4pm Summer Playing Day for singers and instrumentalists
with Graham Coatman
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3rd September 2pm-5pm Debbie Nicholas
1st October 2pm-5pm Debbie Nicholas
5th November 2pm-5pm Wendy Smith
10th December 10am-4pm Christmas Playing Day  Debbie Nicholas
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7th January 2pm-5pm Dick Little
4th February 2pm-5pm Sylvia Davies
4th March 2pm-5pm Joyce Rudall
1st April 2pm-5pm Members to conduct
6th May 2pm-5pm Steve Marshall – Pastoral Visitor
24th June 10am-4.30pm Renaissance Playing Day – Malcolm Hill
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1st July 2pm-5pm Debbie Nicholas
Last updated 9 August 2018