2019-2020 Programme

7th September AGM at 1.30 followed by meeting led by Debbie Nicholas
5th October

Andrew Collis – day workshop –
Gabrieli Canzonas

Further details

2nd November Jean Reynolds and Debbie Nicholas
7th December Christmas Music with Wendy Smith
4th January Dick Little
1st February Sylvia Davies
7th March Jean Crook
4th April Mary Hooper
2nd May

Playing day incorporating our
Pastoral Visitor – Steve Marshall

Further Details

6th June Debbie Nicholas
4th July Wendy Smith

2021-2022 Programme

11th September                                              Debbie Nicholas
2nd October                                                    Mary Hooper
6th November                                                 Members to conduct
4th December                                                 Debbie Nicholas
8th January Dick Little
5th February Members to conduct
5th March Debbie Nicholas
2nd April Rachel Mason
7th May Heather Locke
4th June Members to conduct
2nd July Guest Conductor – Helen Hooker Playing Day
Last updated 10 August 2021