The Trustees of the Society are the Officers, together with 5 other elected members. The officers are the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. The Trustees of the Society are appointed for a term of 5 years.

The Society has the support of seven Musical Advisers; two of the Musical Advisers attend Trustee meetings, on rotation.

The Trustees are supported by other, non-committee, holders of named offices. These comprise the Competition Administrator, Gift Aid Administrator, Publicity Officer, SRP News Editor, Workshop Co-ordinator, Chair of the Walter Bergmann Fund and Web Editor.

Finally there are a number of honorary positions. The appointments of the Society’s President and Vice-Presidents are confirmed by resolutions passed at Conference. Honorary Life Members are appointed similarly.

You can send appropriate email to all branches by using the address (mails are also copied to the chair, secretary, treasurer and membership secretary), and to all affiliated groups using

There are email addresses for the individual offices, listed in the sections below. In addition, the following group emails can be be used:

All members of the committee
The non-committee holders of named offices
The musical advisers currently on the committee
The musical advisers not currently on the committee
All the musical advisers
All members of the committee plus the music advisers not on the committee and the non-committee holders of named offices
The designated contact for each SRP branch, copied to the SRP Officers
The designated contact for each SRP – affiliated group


Other Trustees 


Stephanie Sutherland (to 2027)

Jill Taylor (to 2027)

Debbie Nicholas (to 2026)

Rod Callow (to 2028)

Pamela Flanagan (to 2029)

SRP News Editor

Jean Campbell

Web Editor

Nigel Birch

e-News editor

vacant position


Mary Tyers

Gift Aid Administrator

Tessa Rolph
7 Rosewood Court
DN22 7ZJ

Workshop Co-ordinator


Stephanie Sutherland

Competition Administrator
Moeck/SRP Solo Recorder Playing Competition

Sarah Bronnert (nee Langdon)

Administrator, Walter Bergmann Fund

Debbie Nicholas

Musical Advisers on Committee

Sandra Foxall

Caroline Jones

Musical Advisers off Committee

Moira Usher

Helen Hooker

Alyson Lewin

Pamela Flanagan



Walter Bergmann Fund Sub-Committee

Jill Taylor (Chairwoman) (SRP Trustee)

Debbie Nicholas (Secretary) (SRP Trustee)
Ann Tempest

Pat Hopkins

Rebecca Miles

Chris Orton (advisor)

Sarah Jeffery (advisor)


Auditor Keith Varney (Annual Appointment)
President Philip Thorby


Piers Adams
Tom Beets
Tim Cranmore
Helen Hooker 
Sarah Jeffery
Evelyn Nallen
Michala Petri
John Turner

Honorary Life Members

John Allen
Ashley Allerton
Mary Bonsor
Ruth Burbidge
Ulli Burchette
Andrew Collis
Graham Danbury
Philip Evry
Sandra Foxall
Brian Fraser-Hook
Anthony Hall
Jeanette Hipsey
Barbara Law
Andrew Mayes
April Munday
Janice Ormerod
Dick Pyper
Alistair Read
Tessa Rolph
Andrew Short
Moira Usher
Mark Usher
Bob Whitmarsh
Michael Wilkinson

Last updated 13 April 2024