14 January 1pm Julia McKinley    
11 February 1pm Ian Pillow    
11 March 2pm Robin Powell Note change of time and venue Pimperne Village Hall
8 April 2pm Joyce Rudall Holy Saturday Pimperne Village Hall
13 May 10am – 4pm Helen Hooker Playing Day  Bishopstone Village Hall 
10 June 2pm David Burgess   Bishopstone Village Hall 
8 July 2pm Sophie Middleditch   Pimperne Village Hall
9 September 2pm Julia McKinley   Pimperne Village Hall
14 October 2pm Robin Powell AGM Pimperne Village Hall
11 November 2pm David Burgess   Pimperne Village Hall
16 December 2pm DIY Third Saturday Pimperne Village Hall


8 January Ian Pillow  
12 February Robin Powell  
12 March Julia McKinley  
9 April Sarah Whomersley Playing Day
14 May Enid Holmes  
11 June David Burgess  
9 July Sophie Middleditch  
13 August Away Day  
10 September Julia McKinley  
8 October Robin Powell AGM
12 November David Burgess  
10 December DIY  

2020 Programme

Sadly, all these events were cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
11 April Ian Pillow  
9 May Julia McKinley  
13 June Tom Beets Playing Day  
11 July David Burgess  
8 August Away Day  
12 September Joyce Rudall  
10 October – AGM Robin Powell  
14 November David Burgess  
12 December DIY  

2019 Programme

12th January Robin Powell  
9th February Julia McKinley  
9th March Michael Copley Pastoral Visit
13th April
Julia McKinley  
11th May Maureen Haines  
8th June David Burgess  
13th July Pete Willis  
14th September Joyce Rudall  
12th October Robin Powell *AGM*
9th November David Burgess  
14th December DIY  

2018 Programme

10th March Playing Day with Ann and Steve Marshall
Further Details and Booking Form
14th April
National Festival – no Branch Meeting  
12th May Mary Steele  
9th June David Burgess  
14th July Julia McKinley  
11th August Away Day
Further Details and Booking Form
8th September Ian Pillow  
13th October Robin Powell *AGM*
10th November David Burgess  
8th December Julia McKinley  

2017 Programme

14th January Robin Powell  
11th February David Burgess  
11th March David Burgess  
8th April No meeting – SRP Festival weekend  
13th May Mary Steele  
10th June Bruce Upton  
8th July Maureen Haines  
15th July Recorder Away Day – In memory of Noreen Johnson
Details and Application Form
9th September Enid Holmes  
14th October Robin Powell AGM
11th November Julia McKinley  
9th December DIY  

2016 Programme

9 January Robin Powell  
3 February Debbie Nicholas  
12 March Dick Little  
9 April Helen Hooker Pastoral Visit/Playing Day Application form
14 May Mary Steele  
11 June David Burgess  
9 July Maureen Haines  
10 Septemer Julia Mc Kinley  
8 October Robin Powell AGM
12 November Julia Mc Kinley  
10 December Jean Kluver  

2015 Programme

12 September Robin Powell  
10 October Robin Powell AGM
14 November Pete Willis  
12 December DIY  
Last updated 8 September 2023