Online Workshop: ‘Baroque Perfection’ with Tom Beets and Joris van Goethem

Sat 03Feb2024

Baroque perfection: Johann Mattheson's Sonata XI à Due Flauti (1708)

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18:00 (UK time) - 19:15


This sonata, in typical baroque style with an elegant flavour, fits the recorder like a glove.

It is taken from Ouvrage 1, XII Sonates à Deux & Trois Flûtes Sans Basse, Ouvrage 1, published in Amsterdam in 1708.

The four movements are distinct: a Prelude in Andante featuring imitation, extensive scale work and dissonance; a bouncy Allegro en dansant; a short arioso Adagio; and a Chaconne beautifully crafted from a very simple bass theme.

For two treble recorders at 440

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