Isolation Tango ┬áDavid Moses. The Tango music with which we are familiar nowadays has evolved from slaves and poor immigrants from all over Europe, drawn to Buenos Aires and other Argentinian cities during the C19th. An early form of Tango dance was performed by pairs of female dancers from Andalusia accompanied by guitar and castanets. The addition of a German member of the concertina family, the bandoneon, gave the music the evocative sound and energy that makes it so┬ádistinctive. The ‘orquesta tipica’ consisting of flute, violins, piano, bass and two bandoneons has no need of a drummer due to the fact that each note of the bandoneon is produced by a pair of reeds tuned in octaves resulting in a powerful and aggressive sound.

Isolation Tango treble part

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accompaniment + treble (listen only)

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Last updated 20 July 2020