It occurs to me that some of you will be stuck at home without any other musicians to play with. So I’ve created some backing tracks for you to play along with, RecorderBoppers for grown-ups if you like. They’re free to download or you can play them from this site. Each piece has a written recorder part plus backings at ‘performance’ and ‘rehearsal’ (slower) speeds. Most playback software shows the duration of the recording in minutes and seconds which I’ve included on the recorder parts in case you need to start playback part way through the piece.

The recorded accompaniments will probable sound better if you have some speakers connected to the headphone output of your computer or phone. Alternatively you could use earpieces or headphones that allow you to hear your recorder as you play.

Here’s a list of the pieces I’ve done so far. Clicking on the title should take you to a new page with the downloadable files, more information about the pieces and a version of me struggling through the recorder part.

Cooped Up Blues – treble recorder (piano) – Moses

Fanny Power – descant recorder (guitar & Celtic harp) – O Carolan

Give Me Your Hand – descant recorder (guitar & Celtic harp) – O Cathain

London in November – treble recorder (piano & bass) – Moses

Pavane op.50 – treble recorder (piano & bass) – Faure

Salsa Alto – treble recorder (salsa band) – Moses

Bhangra Bounce – treble recorder (bhangra ensemble) – Moses

Return to Africa – treble recorder (African drums / marimba) – Moses

Playford Set 2 – descant recorder (lute) – arr. Moses

Sonata in F Op.1   G.F.Handel –  treble recorder (piano / bass) – arr. Moses

Three Traditional Irish Jigs? – treble recorder (Bouzouki, Celtic Harp, Guitar, Bodhran, Whistle) – arr. Moses

Sicilienne   G.Faure – treble recorder (piano, bass & drums) – arr. Moses

Shetland Springtime   Moses – treble recorder (keyboards, guitar, bass guitar & Shetland percussion)

Backroads Breakdown   Moses – treble recorder (electric guitar, bass guitar & drums)

Isolation Tango.  Moses – trable recorder (bandoneon, piano & bass)

Wind on Sand   Moses – treble recorder (Rabab, hand drum, zill-finger cymbals)

Rainy Afternoon in August   Moses – treble recorder (celeste, synthesiser, electric piano and bass)


Last updated 7 September 2020