Please see the Venue page for details of the venue and how to find us.

It is best to arrive around 2pm to get set up and make sure the chairs are how you like them, you have the music in order, etc. The members start arriving around then and we aim to start playing at 2.30pm. Refreshments are at 4pm for 20-30 minutes. We finish at 5.30pm. 

Players and parts
The number and range of players varies each month, as does the extent to which people choose to move around between pieces. People prefer not to share music. You can not assume that alto players can play up, although some can and enjoy challenging themselves this way. We can get up to 30 players each month and in terms of parts we suggest:

  • 8 soprano
  • 16 alto
  • 16 tenor
  • 4 F bass
  • 4 C bass

Your programme
A notice is sent to all members approximately two weeks before each session and it gives a little bit of information about your programme. The Branch Secretary, Judith Abbs, will be in touch with you by email to agree the text and can answer any questions you have at this time.

General notes
Here are a few notes if you would welcome some guidance, but we love the variety and the group are happy to follow your lead:

  • short tuneful warm-up
  • similar piece ready for the final few minutes
  • something substantial to work on
  • depending on the length and complexity, you may need 6 to 8 pieces of music
  • we play a great variety of styles and periods but the main focus is usually madrigals and other 16th and 17th century music
  • speak clearly and loudly; and be clear with instructions about who and from where we are playing (we can arrange for the mic to be on if that is needed, but would need to know in advance)
  • think a little about the logistics of handing around the parts and whether you want them back in order during or after the session. If you might come back to something, be clear that players must keep it on their stand.

Expenses and fees
We pay copying costs of about £10 each month if requested. We can afford to pay up to four professional recorder players per year to conduct us, others we hope are happy to help us out for something more drinkable. This will be discussed with you by the Chairman at the time of booking. 

The Secretary, Judith Abbs, will let you have emergency contact numbers when she contacts you about your programme a few weeks before your session.

Last updated 12 January 2019