Guest Conductors

Thanks to the generous gift of their time and effort by so many SRP Conductors the list grows – Diana Reddaway, Helen Hooker, Paul Clark, Moira Usher, Caroline Jones, Rosemary Robinson and Andrew Collis etc. have all given us most enjoyable and stimulating afternoon Branch meetings and morning workshops.

We encourage members to take advantage of the playing opportunities available further afield. The branch has been represented in the following events:

2017 Workshop – Guest conductor Alyson Lewin Photos

2016 Workshop – Guest conductor Helen Hooker Photos

2014 Workshop – Guest conductor Pam Smith Photos

2013 Workshop – Guest conductor Rachel Gregory

2012 Workshop – Guest conductor Helen Hooker Photos

2011 Workshop – Guest conductor Philip Evry

2010 Workshop – Guest conductor Steve Marshall Photos

2009 Summer School – Bishop Burton College, near Beverley Photos

2009 Workshop – Guest conductor Moira Usher

2008 Workshop – Guest conductor Ann Lyall Photos

2007 Summer School – Bishop Burton College, near Beverley

2007 Workshop – Guest conductor Pam Smith

2007 York Festival

2006 Wakefield Summer School

2006 Cumbria Festival

2006 Workshop – Guest conductors Caroline Jones & Rosemary Robinson

2005 Brentford Festival

2005 Wakefield Summer School

2005 Workshop – Guest conductors Maira Usher and Maureen Haines

2004 Workshop – Guest Conductors Helen Hooker and Maureen Haines

2003 Workshop – Guest Conductors Brian Blood and Marguerite Dolmetch

2002 Guildford Festival

2002 Recorder Summer School, Wakefield

2002 Dolmetsch Summer School

2002 London Recorder Orchestra

2002 Fittlcworth Course with Helen Hooker

2002 Workshop – Guest Conductor Maureen Haines (Mus.Dir. Arun Recorder Consort)

2001 Earnley Course with Christopher Burgess

2001 Kingscombe course with Paul Clark

Last updated 5 April 2022