Norfolk Branch Programme



 January 9th
 John Fenn
 JH Schein Musica Boscareggia SAT, TBB  
William Byrd, arr Bloodsworth Will you go walk the woods so wild SATB  
William Byrd, arr Fenn Haec Dies à 6 SSATTB  
Alec Templeton Bach goes to Town SATB,GB,CB  
February 13th Moira Usher – Keyboard: Chris Blanch
Music to include:      
Boismortier Sonata V AATB Keyboard  
Rachmaninoff Vocalise SAT Keyboard  
arr Davey Don’t Bring Lulu SSATTB Keyboard  
February 27th
10:00 – 16:30
Technique Training Day with Helen Hooker
Details and application form
March 12th John Hobday & Jaya Shackleton
John – A selection from:      
arr Matyas Seiber Three Hungarian Folksongs SSAT Janus Music
JP Sousa The Liberty Bell SAATTB OL 1995
Matyas Seiber Dance Suite Vol No 3 SATB Schott ED 12347
arr Ton Johnson Three Scottish Country Dances SSATB Scott & Co Ltd
arr Mario Duschenes Seven Bach Fugues Book 1 SATB Berandol Music Ltd
Purcell Fantasia no. 12 SATB Schott & Co
Handel Music for the Royal Fireworks SSATB  
Future dates April 9th May 14th June 11th July 9th
Last updated February 1, 2016