Norfolk Branch Programme


 2016 – 2017


10th September Katherine Gray & Lindsey Giles 
Marg Hall Klezmer Collection SATB  Peacock Press
Alyson Lewin Joe’s Jitters SATB  Hawthorn Music
GD Rognoni Taeggio 2 canzoni da Sonar SAA/TB EM:271
Elgar, arr Dom Gregory Murray Chanson de Matin,  Op15 No2 SAATB  Novello
Colin Hand The Hallam Suite SATB  Nova music
8th October

Playing Day with Alyson Lewin

Alyson will bring a wide selection of music, including some of her own compositions,
for us to enjoy. Bring any and all recorders that you have!

Further Details and Application Form

12th November John Hobday & Lindsey Giles
Bach, arr Mario Duschenes 7 Bach Fugues Bk 1 Nos 1 & 3 SATB  Berandol Mus Ltd
Matyas Seiber

Dance Suite Vol 3 –
Paso Doble & Charleston 

SATB  Schott Ed 12347
JP Sousa The Liberty Bell   SAATTB Oriel

Gabriel Grovlez, arr Hobday

Petites Litanies de Jesus  SATB  


Charles Avison Concerto in G minor  SATB  The Clark Collection
Francesco Landini 2 Ballate SAA/T  London Pro Musica Ed
Paul Clarke Irish Suite   SATTB Hawthorns Music
10th December John Fenn & Simon Shirley


William Byrd, arr Michael Murray: The Leaves Be Green SAATB Avondale Press
Charles Villiers Stanford, arr Joanna Brown Magnificat in G


Gounod, arr K Sone Funeral March for a Marionette  SATGb  
Holst, arr K Sone / R Tokunaga First Suite for Military Band  SATB(Gb in 8ves)  
Holst, arr K Sone Fantasia on the Dargasson SATB  
arr Fabrizio Ferrari 2 Christmas Carol Collections   SATB Virtual sheet music


 14th January

Moira Usher
soloist: Paul Davis (viola) – keyboard: Chris Blanch

 11th February  TBC
 11th March  TBC
 1st April  TBC


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