Works must be original compositions, not previously published, written for four recorder players and between three to six minutes in length.

The entry fee is £25, or £10 for those in full-time education.

To qualify for the 'Under 18' category, you must still be under 18 on 31st August 2019.

Please complete the following information. To submit your entry, click the button at the bottom of the form. You will be redirected to a secure site where you can pay for your entry with a credit or debit card, or your PayPal account if you have one.

First name(s)
Last name
Email Address
Contact telephone number

If you are in full time education, please include details in the Composer biography, below.


Please upload a pdf of your score and an mp3 sound file. Neither file should give any indication of your name or other details.

Before uploading the score

Remove the composer’s real name from the score file metadata (open PDF file and go to ‘file’, ‘properties’). Replace with pseudonym. Remove the composer’s real name from the score itself. Replace with pseudonym. Check every page to ensure that the composer’s name doesn’t appear; for example as a copyright notice at the bottom of the page. Remove any programme note and any information regarding the première performance from the score. Remove any dedication from the score.

Before uploading the audio recording

Remove the real composer’s name from the metadata associated with the recording (right click the file and go to ‘properties’ in the ‘details’ tab) The filename of the uploaded recording must not include the composer’s real name. If the recording is of a broadcast, ensure that any announcements are edited.

Both files will be stored with new names that do not identify you.

Please upload score as PDF.
Please upload a recording in mp3 format (maximum size 64MB).

The following information will not be made available to the judges, so it does not need to be anonymised. It will be used in case the work is nominated.

Name of piece
(as on score)
Programme note
Composer biography

Scores should be submitted by 12 noon on 15 December 2018. Finalists will be notified by 15 February 2019. Successful entrants are encouraged to attend the finals in person, and be available to work in an open rehearsal on their composition with BLOCK4, on 13 April 2019, prior to the competition in the afternoon.

The judges' decisions will be final.

For queries, email .

You can pay with any credit or debit card or by PayPal account. If for some reason the secure payment site does not accept your payment, please click the link at the bottom of the secure payment page saying Cancel and return to Society of Recorder Players, which will take you to a page where you can get further help.

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