Music Library

The branch has a collection of music from 3 to 16 parts. Members are welcome to borrow music: please contact the treasurer,


  • The Consort Collection Volume I: 39 pieces for 4 recorders, ed Larry Bernstein (9 copies)
  • The Consort Collection Volume II: 36 pieces for 5 recorders, ed Larry Bernstein (17 copies)
  • The Recorder Consort, ed Steve Rosenberg (5 copies)
  • The Recorder Consort Vol II, ed Steve Rosenberg (1 copy)

Sheet Music

Music for Download

Here are some good arrangements that you are free to download and print. Please let me know of any others that you would like to offer here.

Other Sources of Music

There is an extensive list of music suppliers, including free downloads on the Music suppliers page on the Music Suppliers page

Last updated 16 July 2018