Visiting Conductors


Each Branch of the Society of Recorder Players is entitled, subject to the current version of Section 9 in the Rules of the Society, to receive one visit in each year commencing 1st September from a member of the Society’s Panel of Visiting Conductors as listed and in any subsequent Addendums. The consent of the Committee is required for each visit, and a Branch should notify the Secretary whenever it wishes to invite a conductor. The travelling expenses of the conductor, and if absolutely necessary the cost of bed and breakfast for a maximum of two nights, are a charge on Central Funds but should normally be paid by the Branch and reclaimed from the Society’s Treasurer. All other hospitality extended to the conductor is the responsibility of the Branch and should include lunch and refreshments during any break in the playing session.

As the Society’s Rules now permit payment for professional services provided to members, the inviting Branch should ascertain from the conductor before the visit whether a fee is to be paid. If so, payment of the fee is the responsibility of the Branch. Branches are also encouraged to consider making greater use of the skills and talents of the members of this Panel by combining a pastoral visit with a coaching or similar session on a professional basis.

Persons interested in joining the Panel of Visiting Conductors should contact the Secretary in the first instance. In normal circumstances candidate conductors will be asked to conduct away from their own Branch where they can be assessed by one or more of the Society’s Musical Advisers.

The Panel of Visiting Conductors List is issued free to Branches of the Society of Recorder Players to help them find a suitable visiting conductor. It is not to be used for any other purpose. Copies are available from the Secretary.

Last updated May 31, 2013