There is an overview of the SRP finances including a breakdown of how subscription money is spent in the Introduction to the SRP.

Abbreviated accounts for each year are included in the Officers’ Reports to the Annual Conference.

Full accounts are available on the Charity Commission website.

Subscription and Mileage Rates

Year Subs Mileage Rate
Full Household Student
2024-25 £30.00 £42.50 £10.00


2023-24 £25.00 £37.50 £10.00


2022-23 £25.00 £37.50 £10.00


(45p from 1/1/23)

2021-22 £25.00 £37.50 £10.00 40p
2020-21 £25.00 £37.50 £10.00 40p
2019-20 £25.00 £37.50 £10.00 35p
2018-19 £25.00 £37.50 £10.00 35p


£23.50 £35.00 £17.00 35p
2013-14  £23.00 £34.50 £16.50 35p
2012-13 £22.00 £33.00 £16.00 35p
2011-12 £20.00 £30.00 £15.00 35p
2010-11 £19.00 £29.00 £14.50 35p
2009-10 £18.50 £28.50 £14.00  
2008-09 £18.00 £28.00 £13.50  
2007-08 £17.50 £28.00 £13.00  
2006-07 £17.50 £28.00 £13.00  
2005-06 £14.00 £21.00 £10.00  

The subscription year runs from September to August. New members joining the Society after 1st January can pay half the full year’s subscription for that year.

Instrument Insurance

The Society has arranged with its Insurers to provide Musical Instrument Insurance (not just recorders) on special terms

Each branch has its own pages on this website. These usually contain basic information about the branch including its officers, directions to the venue, and the branch programme. You can have whatever information you like in your branch pages. Please send all updates to . If you like, you can edit your branch pages yourself.

If you host your own branch website, your branch page here simply directs the reader to your website. If you  change the URL of your website, please inform .

Branch venues are also shown on a map, so even if you host your own website please inform of any changes to your meeting places.

Every branch has an email address like . Email sent to this address is forwarded to a real email address. Usually this is the branch secretary, but it can be anyone in the branch prepared to deal with email. If you wish you can nominate more than one person to receive such email. Please ensure that these addresses are kept up to date by informing of any changes, for example when a new secretary is elected.

In addition there is an email that you can use to contact all branches. Mail to this address also goes to the National Committee Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer.

Documents here are available in the following formats:

  • PDF logoPDF, which can be opened by the free Adobe Reader.
  • Word logoWord, which can be opened and edited by all versions of Microsoft Word, and Open Office.
  • Excel logoExcel, which can be opened and edited by all versions of Microsoft Excel, and Open Office.
  • Mac Pages logoMac Pages, which can be opened and edited by the Pages word processor on Mac computers.


Branch Guidance

This document offers guidance for Branch Secretaries and Treasurers to help with the management of their Branches. It includes details of the information that Branches should send to national officers of the Society during the membership year, which runs from September to August. Much of this information is already available elsewhere on the Society’s website but is summarised here for ease of reference.


Guidance for branches


Data Protection Guidance

This is a note attached to the Rules explaining what branches need to do to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations.

  SRP Data Protection Guidance

Sample documents containing high quality copies of the SRP logo
For further information see the logo page

Logos for Word, Publisher and Open Office

Logos for Mac Pages or other word processors


Membership Application Form
You can edit the Word version to include your own branch details. Note that this is editable with Mac Pages as well as Word or Open Office.

SRP Membership Application Form - Word Version SRP Membership Application Form - pdf Version

Membership Application Mailmerge Master

The membership application mailmerge master allows you to email or print membership renewal forms for your members, and blank application forms for new members, automatically.

AMembership Application Mailmerge Master  

Full instructions for using the mailmerge master are given in the manual

Many thanks to Terry Hobbs of Cheltenham and Gloucester Branch for designing the mailmerge system

  Click for Membersip Application Mailmerge Manual

Gift Aid Declaration

Please get this filled in by all eligible members. Branches are entitled to reclaim gift aid on the portion of subscriptions that goes directly to the branch. There is a separate page of guidance here.

Click for Gift Aid Declaration in pdf Click for Gift Aid Declaration in pdf

Membership Returns
You must complete and edit your membership return on-line. For help with the on-line form, or to make comments or ask questions about either the on-line form or the spreadsheet, please see the membership help page.



Branch Account Return Form
Online Version (MS Excel spreadsheet)
Download this file and rename it to include your own branch name, for example SRP_Oxford_Accounts. Complete and send by email
Click for Branch Accounts Return in Excel  
Printable Version
Print, complete and send by post
  Click for Branch Accounts Return in pdf
Guidance Notes   Click for Guidance Notes in pdf
Last updated 15 July 2024