The Society has been granted Gift Aid Status by HM Revenue and Customs. This means that where subscriptions are paid from taxed income, the Society will be able to reclaim the tax.

The society claims back the tax on the central subscription.

In addition each branch can claim back tax on that portion of the subscription that goes to the branch.  Guidance Notes on Registering with HMRC  and a sample registration form are provided.

If you record your branch subscriptions on the membership database, you can download a spreadsheet with the relevant amount of any potentially eligible Gift Aided subscriptions at the end of each financial year.

The Gift Aid Form is available for download HERE. You should keep the original form and make a scan or picture of the form for the membership database. You can load this scan yourself on the database or email it to the membership secretary if necessary.  If you can’t make a scan or picture, then send a paper copy to the membership secretary who will upload it for you.

Further information can be obtained from the Gift Aid Administrator ()

Tessa Rolph
7 Rosewood Court
DN22 7ZJ

Last updated 7 May 2024