This is the help page for the membership administration system.

If you are a branch membership secretary and you want to edit your branch membership on-line, you can look at the Branch User Manual. If you would like to produce individual renewal forms for your members, please see the Membership Application Mailmerge Manual.

If you are an officer of the Society and you want to use the membership administration system, you can look at the full User Manual.

Whether you are using the system on-line, or using the branch spreadsheets, you are welcome to ask questions and make comments and suggestions about the membership system by leaving a comment. There will also be a section of Frequently Asked Questions if that proves useful.

Last updated 25 November 2015

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  • Is there any chance of adding a question ‘Do you want to save the changes?’ before logging out? I have often lost quite a few edits, when I have forgotten to hit the Save command

    • I’m sorry, but I think this would be hard to do. The logout command is part of WordPress, while the membership processing is independent. It would require a lot of work to link the two – more, I’m afraid, than would be justified by the benefit.

  • The spread sheet sent out by the Membership secretary used to have a worksheet labelled Notes, which listed a full explanation of the column headers in the database, for example, the various types of membership such as F, H, S etc . or the GiftAid status YY, YW. It might be helpful to have a glossary in the manual, which lists such information.

    As for GiftAid, the help available online states that a branch can upload scans of the GiftAid declaration, but does not say how to do it.

    • Thank you for pointing out the omission of the membership status information. I have updated the manual to reflect the fact that spreadsheets are no longer used.
      (Please note that you may need to reload or clear your cache to see the latest version)

      However the manual did already have a subsection on Gift Aid which details the codes and the method of uploading – page 5 in the current version.

  • I am having difficulty changing a full member to a Household. The 2nd person in the household is a new member and I put a small h by her name and changed his from F to H but it won’t let me save.

    • I think via our emails we have sorted this now but you have to make (by ticking) the renewal before changing the membership to household (by entering H and h).

  • I downloaded an Excel spreadsheet (CSV) yesterday after editing our Warwick branch data. I notice that the order of the new columns pP and pE are reversed in the CSV copy, when compared to the online database. Also, it is not possible to line up the LHS of the data label with that of the actual data. This makes it difficult to edit the new columns added this year for the Printed Membership List.

    • I am NOT editing the membership in Excel. I am trying to input the new fields pP, pE etc and they are not lining up with the column headings in the online database, which makes it difficult to do the job. Would you please address this issue? Thank you.

    • 1. The order of fields in the mailmerge spreadsheet does not make any difference to its use for mailmerge. However, I understand that some branches use it as a local record of membership, in which case it could be confusing. We’ve therefore changed the order to match the online system

      2. The misaligned headers only occur when using the Chrome browser at a zoom of more than 100%. This appears to be a bug in Chrome. So if you want to work at a larger size than 100%, I recommend you use a browser other than Chrome.

  • the boxes for publish name, address,email, telephone don’t work, I keep clicking them, but the sytem clears the boxes after save.

    Please reply to inadauatgmaildotcom

    • Hi Ina, apologies for the late response (I missed this notification) but I think you have sorted this now?Were you possibly trying to edit preferences for associate members. If so this can only be done by the main branch so the system will prevent you making changes.

  • Hello I have a member who is changing to associate status for my branch. Do I change her status in the database or is that done by the branch which she is joining as a full member?
    Thank you

    • You can change her status in your branch database to ‘associate’ but you can’t make any other changes ie edit her address or phone number. Penny

  • I have tried to get a csv file of members but get this error message:
    “error”:”makeSpreadsheetMailmerge GUI 2019 failed Unknown column ‘publishName’ in ‘field list'”.
    csv file is not created.

    Any thoughts?

    • Sorry, you caught it in the middle of a software change.
      It is fixed now. Please note that you will also need to use the new version of the mailmerge form to incorporate the changes to permissions for the printed membership list.

  • I am trying to enter a renewal and I have ticked the R box, it comes up with the word on in red underneath and won’t save, what am I doing wrong please.

    • The box you need to tick for a renewal is the Cur box immediately after the name, meaning that there is a Current subscription.
      The R box is to indicate a Reduced subscription and can only be used for new members joining after 1st January.
      (BTW, if you get a message in red that you can’t read, you can expand the column by putting the cursor in the header row to the right of the column heading until you see a double arrow key, and then dragging it to the right. Then you’ll be able to see what the system thinks is wrong.)

      Hope that helps

  • I noticed that according to the membership application form, the membership ‘may be’ halved for new members who join after 1 January. Does that mean that the reduction is not necessarily available to a new member?

    • It means that the reduction is not automatically applied; but it is always available if the branch membership secretary ticks the R box,

      One reason for not applying it automatically is that the computerised records only go back to 2013 so if a member from before then rejoined it would erroneously apply the reduction. It’s also possible that a branch might for some reason choose not to offer it.

  • I have tried to update one person to name only but it does not save the N neither does name only appear. Is this because the person might have joined as a country member and wishes to be an associate with us?

    • That’s right. Only the main branch can update a person’s details. For an associate member, you can only modify the subscription/donation information and any branch role they might have. For any other changes they need to contact their main branch, which in this case might be Country and Overseas

  • I don’t seem to be able to access the 2017/18 final branch membership list for some reason, only the new 2018/19 list.
    I would like to be able to keep a final 2017/18 list with my records.

    • This is by design. Only the national membership secretary can edit historical data because of the possible knock-on effects on the Society’s records and accounts.
      I’m sorry this is inconvenient – there is no reason in principle why you shouldn’t be able to look at historical records, and the system could be changed to allow that, for example by allowing access but disabling the Save button.
      I suggest in future you take a record right at the end of the year, rather than waiting to the next year. FWIW, if you look at the data now you do have a record of last year’s membership status, which is shown in parentheses.
      For now I will send you a 2017-18 spreadsheet for your records

  • Hi,
    I have an existing member who wasn’t able to come for most of last year but thinks she’ll make some this year, so has paid a reduced subscription. However it doesn’t seem to like this on the spreadsheet and I’m not sure why. Any ideas?

    • The reduction in the main SRP subscription for people joining after 1st January only applies to new members. It is not intended for the sort of situation you describe. Of course you can charge what you like for the branch portion of the subscription, but for existing members the whole SRP subscription must be paid.

  • I cannot see any tab on the site that leads to subscriptions. I cannot find any link to the Country & Overseas Secretary. ….. How do I know if I am a member? If I need to sign in for any of this, how do I proceed?

    • At the moment the membership administration system is only for use by branch membership secretaries and the SRP membership secretary. We may in future have a members’ area where members can check their membership details, but at the moment we don’t have this.

      You can contact the COS secretary at cosatsrpdotorgdotuk. There is a link to information about Country and Overseas branch near the top of the SRP Branches menu in the tab on the right, or you can go straight to

  • Is an SRP branch expected to have a single ID for all on-line editing or can you ask for multiple IDs to do different tasks? The tasks I have in mind are:

    1. Editing Branch information page,
    2. Editing the Branch Membership information.

    • Either arrangement is possible – whichever you prefer. If different people are doing the different jobs they should each have their own ID, If one person is doing both jobs, it’s simplest if they have one ID, but not essential. There is a restriction is that each ID must have a different email address (sorry, this is a WordPress restriction, I’m not sure why).
      However, if you really want two different IDs for the same person I could set up suitable forwarding emails.

  • Unfortunately a long standing member can no longer become a full member due to increasing demands in other directions, but he would like to become an associate member. Would he still be entitled to a quarterly magazine?

    East Berks

    • Someone can only join a branch as an associate member if they are already a full member of some other branch, so if I understand you correctly, this might not be the right thing for your member to do. If they want just to join SRP and receive the magazine, but not attend branch meetings, they could join COS which costs £23.50 pa. If both you and the member wished to retain an association with your branch it is of course entirely at your discretion how much if anything you charge them for the branch component of the membership, and as long as they pay the £23,50 that goes to SRP you can continue to record them as a full member. In either case they would continue to receive the magazine.
      I hope this helps but if not please don’t hesitate to follow up the question

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