In recent months the members of the Aberdeen branch of the SRP have been saddened by hearing of the deaths of both their Honorary President and Honorary Vice-President. 

Mrs Kathleen Philip was one of the small group who, in 1959, arranged for the inception of the branch. It was due mainly to her friendly and enthusiastic approach to her work as our first branch secretary that the Branch was set on such firm foundations. When she retired as secretary after fourteen years of service in 1973, the SRP News reported that Kathleen’s name had “been almost synonymous with that of the branch”. 

After her resignation she was made Honorary Vice-President as a token of the high regard that members had for her and the work she had done. 

We offer our condolences to Kathleen’s husband, Professor James Philip, and to her family on their sad loss. 

Mr Tom Johnston. We have also heard of the recent death of our Honorary President, who was our Musical Director for seven years until his resignation in 1973 due to pressure of other work. Tom was head of the Music Department at the Aberdeen College of Education for over twenty years. He was keenly interested in the recorder and arranged music for us (such as Scottish Country Dances, published by Schotts) during the years of his Presidency of the branch. 

Despite ill health, Tom continued to be a much respected member of the musical life of Aberdeen until his death in February 2006. 

We offer our condolences to his wife, Cath, and their sons. 

Sheila O Wright 
12 March 2006

Last updated 26 July 2013